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Who are you and What do you want?

A fundamental prerequisite to a person being able to be their most authentic self is the ability to successfully define and fulfill their needs. Oftentimes, this also results in the need to successfully communicate their need to others. Unfortunately, the skill of communicating in a healthy, loving way is rarely taught by parents or schools, so most people engage in unsuccessful or manipulative communication. This leads to a world of problems as people desperately try to get their needs met. A few years ago, life coach and Parts Discovered founder, Kelly Snyder, was fortunate enough to discover and learn about more healthy, loving ways of communicating. Since then she has been engaged in developing the skills and learning how to apply them within her daily life . It is her desire to share what she she has learned with others.

So, how does one learn to communicate their needs in a healthy way? The first step is to figure out what a person’s needs are. This can be accomplished by paying attention to our feelings. Our feelings are a guide to figuring out what needs are, or are not, being met. It also means recognizing that we can have multiple parts of ourselves feeling different emotions at the same time. One part can be sad a close friend’s mother passed away, another part can be happy and celebrating the fact that they recently got a new puppy, while another part can be feeling nervous about an upcoming job interview. We are made up of many, beautiful, wonderful parts! Sometimes though these parts can become all tangled creating confusion and frustration. It is the coach’s job to help the client untangle these parts and give them each their voice. This can lead to in-depth self-discovery and healing for the client while realizing that they have an extremely valuable treasure of inner wisdom they can tap into.

Once the need has been discovered, then using their own innate wisdom, the client can create a plan to have the need met. If this requires communicating the need to someone else, Kelly can assist the client with outlining how to communicate the need in a loving way. This process of in-depth self-discovery and loving, healthy communication creates a sense of richness and wholeness.

Kelly Snyder is a trained life coach, certified BTB Feng Shui consultant and energy healer living in beautiful Western North Carolina. She studied life coaching and healthy, loving communication techniques at the Asheville Compassionate Communication Center. She is also a homeschool mom, advanced certified Equine Structural Integrator, NCLMBT and professional horsewoman who has a driving desire to always be her most authentic self while experiencing the richness life has to offer.


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Soul Contracts are brief summaries of a person's life... the challenges they must go through, their talents, goals and destiny. This can be beneficial for those in particular who feel stuck or lost since it provides a guide for moving forward. Soul Contracts are also a great tool in that they can assist the client in creating short-term and long-term plans in order to fulfill their goals.

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Our homes and the other spaces we occupy, including our yards and offices, are a reflection of ourselves. As a result, those spaces are made up of many parts just as we ourselves are.  Feng Shui is about balancing the energy flow between the various parts to make a unified whole that enriches and supports the person(s) occupying those spaces.